Countries Taking Veganism to the Next Level

Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at five countries in the Americas and Europe that are great places for vegans to be. Now, in Part 2, we take a look into why veganism in Australia is booming, and explore the exotic countries of Africa and Asia to find the best of vegan living from all around the globe!



You may be surprised to find that many traditional Egyptian foods are vegan friendly and can be readily found in restaurants or as street food. A large number of Egyptians are also Coptic Christians, and when Coptic Christians fast, they adhere to a vegan diet.

Some of the great local cuisine you should try includes Kosheri, a mix of legumes, pasta, rice, and onions and tomatoes; and Mahshi— rice-stuffed veggies. And of course, the best falafels and hummus in the world are made in Egypt! Best of all? Nut and fruit bars are also relatively easy to come by.

South Africa

Many large South African supermarkets offer a variety of meat and dairy alternatives. The most popular meat alternative is definitely Fry’s: a proudly South African, family-owned company that has exploded internationally with its delicious burgers, schnitzels, pies, etc. There are an ever-increasing number of cafés and restaurants that serve exclusively vegan and vegetarian foods.

Large chains have also started being more environmentally conscious and offer a good selection of cruelty-free cosmetics.



Also known as The Republic of China, this small island has a profusion of vegetarian restaurants—well over 1500. No wonder the people and culture are also so vibrant!

Most Taiwanese schools have a meat-free lunch program in place at least twice a week, and even doctors are active in promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet. Taiwan is the place to be!


“Go where the monks go” is some good advice for eating cheap and easy vegan food in Thailand. Jain monks mostly don’t consume animal products, and restaurants that are friendly for monks are almost guaranteed to be perfect for you. Adding to the idyllic island beauty, most would agree that Southeast Asia is the place to be for vegans


Australia has one of the fastest growing vegan markets in the world. Even larger “traditional” companies are getting on board to supply to the increasing demand for vegan options. Alternatives to dairy, condiments, and cereals are just as readily available as the omni versions. There are vegan dessert bars opening all over the cities too, so if you have a sweet tooth that needs to be satisfied, head Down Under!

There are, of course, many other countries all over the world that are vegan paradises. If you would like to see your country featured in a future article, please drop us a comment and tell us why!

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