Type 2 Diabetes

When doctors, nutritionists, and other healthcare professionals stress the importance of diet, they certainly aren’t exaggerating. Our diets have a huge impact on our physical and emotional health. A poor diet can cause a variety of health concerns, from obesity and diabetes, to fatigue and mood swings. A good diet, on the other hand, can raise our energy, uplift our mood, and improve a range of health complaints.

And what better diet than a cruelty-free, healthy, delicious vegan one? Following a balanced plant-based diet can improve

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity
  • Indigestion and
  • Overall Wellbeing

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes threatens the health of millions of people worldwide. The saddest part is that Type 2 diabetes is almost 100% caused by poor diet and can be totally reversed by following a great diet.

Type 2 diabetes and obesity are directly linked, so a great way to take steps toward fighting diabetes is by losing weight healthily. Typical omni diets are usually higher in saturated fats and sodium than a balanced plant-based diet. A healthy vegan diet will contain zero cholesterol and be low in fat and sodium. This helps people to lose weight and reverse diabetes.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can be caused by a number of factors, one of them being diet. It’s generally recommended that we eliminate cigarettes and alcohol, reduce salt intake, and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy blood pressure. Cutting out meat and dairy is also shown to drastically decrease the amount of sodium in a diet.

Those who follow a plant-based diet are also far more likely to be receiving their RDI (recommended daily intake) of potassium, which is proven to help lower blood pressure.


Obesity is a rising epidemic not only in the States, but worldwide. Being overweight is linked to many conditions and diseases: Type 2 diabetes; high blood pressure; high cholesterol; problem skin, hair, and nails; and mental and emotional issues such as depression and low self-esteem.

Make no mistake, vegans can also suffer from being overweight and obese. However, this is hardly the case when a vegan diet is balanced and made up of mainly fresh and natural produce, rather than processed or junk vegan foods.

When eaten in moderation, plant-based foods are usually always low in fat and calories and high in nutritional goodness. Combined with regular exercise, vegans are far more likely to be able to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.


Digesting animal products is hard work for the body and can cause a number of digestive issues. If you’ve been in the vegan community for some time, you will have heard someone say that there is no such thing as lactose intolerant—it’s just that none of us are calves designed to drink cow’s breast milk. Nothing could be truer—animal products simply aren’t meant to be processed by our bodies. Eliminating them makes a world of difference to your digestive health.

There is no denying that your entire quality of life can improve by following a plant-based diet. You certainly become more aware of what you put into your body, want less of what is bad for you (and for others—like the wonderful animals), and focus more on the positives in life. Happy herbivore—happy health!

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