Vegan Cheese Products

Ever felt like you’re addicted to gooey, melty, cheesy macaroni? Guess what? You may be! One of the hardest things for omnivores and vegetarians to give up when choosing veganism is cheese. Many people actually feel addicted to cheese, and this is not far off from the truth at all. Cheese has been proven to be addictive! This is no surprise when we consider all the hormones in dairy.

However, cheese is, sadly, one of the cruelest animal products out there. Definitely keep that in mind when transitioning.

So, will you be able to still have some of your favorite cheesy foods as a vegan? What will become of grilled cheese and tomato? Will all your pizza have to be cheese-less? No!

Vegan cheeses have come a long way. There is now a wide selection of great vegan cheese brands to choose from that are

  • Flavorful
  • Deliciously melty
  • And everything yummy!

Without further delay, here is a look at some of the best cheeses out there!


A majority of vegans rate Daiya as being one of the best cheese substitutes. The reason why? It melts superbly. That means enjoying your favorite grilled cheese, mac and cheese, and pizzas, with a product that doesn’t turn to goo or become too chewy. Expect strings of melted cheese!

The texture is also very good when not melted, making it perfect for salads, pastas, and sandwiches.

Another great thing about Daiya is that it is soy free. Vegans can happily live on tofu and soy burgers, but there are some of us who have a sensitive or soy allergy. If this is you, Daiya is a good choice. It’s made from a blend of oils, cultures, and natural flavorings.

They have a good range of different cheeses to try too!

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart is another popular option, and a firm favorite among some vegan foodies because of the wonderful flavor, described as pleasantly mild. It does contain soy, so that puts it out of the running if you have an allergy.

However, one issue with Follow Your Heart is that it does not tend to melt very well, even at higher heats. Therefore, I wouldn’t use this one as a go to for pizzas.

Their products are still great though overall, and there is a nice selection to choose from, including cheddar styles and mozzarellas.


This British brand is gaining in popularity worldwide. It might just become your favorite of the lot if you are a real cheese connoisseur, because of its lovely sharp flavors, reminiscent of omni hard cheeses—but deliciously so and cruelty-free, so it is actually better!

Their mozzarella may not win you over though, as the texture isn’t that appealing. Stick to the cheddar styles for your dishes.


Violife has a great range of cheeses that melt really well into dishes and have a good texture both as-is and melted. They even have a “pizza cheese” that works perfectly for that, grilled cheeses, or basically any dish that calls for perfectly melted cheese!

The flavor is good overall, although there can be a slightly artificial aftertaste.

All of these brands and their different selections are worth a try! Play around with their various textures and flavors to see which work best for your favorite meals. Enjoy!

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