Vegan FAQ and Answers Part II

So you’re a brand-new vegan? Fantastic! Welcome to a wonderful new healthy, kind world! Let’s be honest, though. Being a new vegan can be a little tricky. You are bound to encounter some omnis who confuse you with ‘facts’ about nutrition and evolution.

So, here are the REAL facts. Veganism is:

  • Healthy
  • Inexpensive
  • Suitable for anybody
  • The best lifestyle there is!

Here are some FAQs and answers to help you out along your way.

  1. Is veganism safe during my pregnancy?

WHO and other reliable health organizations have put the truth out there—veganism is safe for all stages of life: from pregnancy and infancy, to teens, adulthood, and later life. There is never a time when being vegan cannot be healthy and beneficial. Stop and think for a minute. Do you realize that most of the foods pregnant woman are advised against consuming are of animal origin? Raw eggs, deli meats, fish, and unpasteurized dairy are all dangerous during pregnancy. Of course, your baby should be getting the best, so follow a very balanced diet and take your prenatal vitamins!  

  1. I have soy/ nut/ gluten allergies. Can I still be vegan?

Of course! Veganism offers just as much variety as any other diet does. Examples: Many vegan cheeses—like Daiya—do not contain any soy or nuts. While a lot of veggie burgers are made from soy, there are brands that have soy-free options. You can also get some fantastic mushroom burgers and lentil burgers that beat soy and meat alternatives any day! You can have a diet rich in a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and legumes too.  

  1. Is Honey Vegan?

Perhaps the smallest of minorities may say that honey can be part of a vegan diet, but most would disagree. This is because honey is not a plant-based product, but one that comes directly from animals. In essence, veganism includes the belief that we do not take what is ours: a life, eggs, breast milk, and yes—even honey. Also, many bees do die in the process of collecting honey for human use.

  1. Is veganism expensive?

It certainly does not have to be. Yes, some products including certain brands of mock meats or cheese alternatives can be more expense than the animal product alternatives, but this is not always the case. Besides, homemade products are surprisingly inexpensive and much cheaper than meat. Here’s just one example: A packet of lentils goes for next to nothing and can stretch a long way! You could make curries, spreads, and burgers, and still have leftovers.

  1. A friend of someone I know said veganism made them feel tired and weak. Will this happen to me?

Perhaps this friend of a friend was living only off potato chips and fruit juices, mmm? Sometimes, without enough planning and information, people might follow an inadequate ‘vegan’ diet and not feel at their best. This is not the fault of veganism though! Ensure that you are getting enough iron rich foods if you feel that you are lacking energy sometimes. Be sure to include B12 from fortified plant milks and nutritional yeast. Get your omegas from nuts, seeds, and seaweed. All your other vitamins and minerals are a breeze to get if you add a good helping of varied fruits and vegetables to your daily meals. You will be healthier and more energized than ever before.

If you have not yet taken a look, please go to part one of this article series for some more interesting advice and facts on veganism. Thank you!    

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